Professional Film & Photography Studio

Best Facilities

Make movies that turn into sales using our Green Screen Studio. AM Place Studio is one of the best equipped studios in the US. We have loads of space in two separate studios (Green Screen Studio & White Screen Studio Space) (a warm, spacious upstairs studio, and a drive-in downstairs warehouse studio), a semi-permanent set that can be reconfigured to reflect a wide range of scenes, four top-quality studio flash/photoflood hand loads of light modifiers such as softlite dish reflector (beauty dish), snoot, honeycombs & barndoors, reflectors and softboxes.

Our facilities allow for creative advertising, PR and product photography against a number of infinity backgrounds. We keep a large range of fabrics in stock, as well as a number of character garments, soft furnishings and items of furniture. Our lighting is professional with lighting fixtures and pendant light Our upstairs studio is heated and has all the home comforts. Downstairs we have a big empty white-painted space with a concrete floor, a high ceiling and an electrically operated garage door making it an excellent drive-in studio.

We have our very own resident make-up artist, who has many years of experience in photography, TV, film and stage, and can provide a wide range of make-up styles, even theatrical prosthetics.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need, as we can often cater for special requirements.

Please Note: although we don’t sell the studio as a TV or video studio, it’s often used as such. We’ve had a number of TV production companies do shoots here including Ricochet & Channel 4, AM Place Studio, and video shoots for Sports and a number of web sites. You’ll need to bring your own lighting but we can provide a white or chromakey green backdrop.

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Photographic Studio

Our large modern photography studio available for hire either hourly or daily. Whether you’re amateur or professional, photographer or videographer, AM Place photographers can meet your needs.

"If you’re a seasoned professional photographer, experienced in the studio, we’ll leave you to it.

Amateur photographers & students are welcome too! If you need any help there’s advice and technical assistance on hand from experienced professional photographers. We can even offer expert studio photography tuition and courses.

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DIY Videos

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